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Accepted Application
1. In-game name:keaaa

2. Age:27

3. Do you have a mic + TS3? yep

4. Why should we accept you? love ET been playing it since it came out and miss the competitive aspect of game. your players seem very good and would love to be part of the team    on a side note I'm not as active due to my job keeping me away from my house but when I am at home I'm usually on ET all the time.
I played him on ETF?

anyways yes
Yup, he plays on etf.

Yes from me.
I saw him on rox and etf and someone on TS said they told him that he's new but he doesn't look new lol

kea you have any other names?
he replied in pm because replies from users are disabled in this section.

my vote is yes

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