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Accepted Application Meg4n
Hellö There =)

1. In-game name: DNA-D | Meg4n<3

2. Age: 19

3. Do you have a mic + TS3?: Yes I do, but my english is maybe not the best so have mercy Tongue.

4. Why should we accept you?:
Cuz I'm cute, naww, just joking! Hm I know a few about you so I like them as Person.
I think I can say i'm a good Person too, only bit shy.
I'm not the baddest in ET also, i think Tongue.
And also I'm from Switzerland there are not many of them in ET Tongue So take me.

If there are other Questions u can add me on Xfire: Ritualana

Greetings Dana =)
Thumbs Up 
I say yes. I don't see any reason why not at all.
Ill vote yes
another yes

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