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Accepted App - gogo
1. In-game name: gogo, mypotionsAre2strong4u

2. Age: 28

3. Do you have a mic + TS3? Yes

4. Why should we accept you?

I am looking for a clan to hangout with and go on TS and just goof off. I know a few members such as banana, takima, sneak, and I have known these guys for quite awhile, and would like to be apart of a fun group and play ET. I am a skilled player and I am only looking to goof off but if you ever need me for war I am game and I am open to learn more about ET and teamwork.

Thanks for consideration.
vote yes
Just based on what you said yes from me. We  have a few servers and scrim and shit also. So yeah. 
Ok wtf are we waiting on with these apps?

Fuck it gogo. Tag up. Accepted.

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