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Teamkilling ban?
I get TK'd 100 times by ipod cuz i got the rifle instead of him but I got banned? Why doe? Did that faggot at the least get banned too
There's zero doubt in my mind that ipod started some shit and then couldn't deal with it so he decided to whine. That's exactly like ipod to do, and rest assured we won't allow it to happen again, but the difference is that ipod stopped when given a final chance. You continued teamkilling him for an entire map while he didn't shoot a single bullet at you (other than the times you ran into his rnades/bullets) and that's why you received the ban. Use some common sense next time and you can avoid this situation.

I've asked ForGoTTeN to set your ban to be removed on Saturday because I'm sure you aren't stupid enough to do that again. If ipod or anyone else is doing something like that, tell an admin. Pretty much anything else is going to be a disruption and you'll end up being banned for it.
Stop being a faggot, that is all.
I mean you saw him do it the entire map to me decay and frost. but yeah ok
No. I messaged you both on decay in the middle of round 1. He stopped, you continued for a round and a half.

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