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Declined Kurdich apply
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1. In-game name: Kurdich.

2. Age: 12/03/2000 = At the moment 15 in some months i will be 16.

3. Why should we accept you?

Im gonna be good for all people who join pug/internals. Im always being helpfull i never whine and most people hate me because My flag is Iraq im not in iraq and im not arab and they think im terrorist. im in kurdistan but kurdistan isn't a real country thats why iraq flags come there. and because Im muslim. ET is dead but i still like NsA When they  play internals together i really like them and the admins/members are nice like hyper-foreigner-toadvine... many of them and Im not that really good in ET but i always try to listen what my teammate say and i dont care if i play Engi or Medic. i will follow my TM and we will try to win. I start to play et 2012 less or more i used to play when my brother were playing i was like 10-12. and when he wasn't home i was playing RTCW was a nice game to. And after we moved from Nederland to Kurdistan. I was seraching for a game i serached Wolfenstein and i found ET and i played in 2012/2013 like a noob with bots Big Grin i knew how to play because i used to play RTCW and i still play RTCW. I was born in Nederland i can talk dutch to. maybe i go back to holland who knows i can but im here because of my grandfather and grandmother And im not terrorist im like everyone human trying to have fun and playing games with nice mates in the teamspeak3 and server i enjoy  to play With all of you guys. and sorry for bad english.
If you want to add me snapchat here is my name :adammsa

Kurdich Wink
Hey Kurd'Ich, I appreciate you coming around on the website and making an application. I've been able to play with you a couple of times and we have spoken briefly on teamspeak. In my opinion, I don't feel I can make a decision as to what my vote on you will be yet. I hope you continue to play with us and get to know us better. Good luck with your apply Smile
+1 long live the kurds my friend.
I've played quite a bit with you, but I think I would like to see you around a couple more weeks before I vote.
Seeing as I haven't been around lately, I'm going to withhold my vote for the time being
Sorry its a no from me at this time, 15 is just too young, if you can show us that you can be more mature then your age, then mabye you can apply again down the road.
i have to say no too, id like to see you around more, and apply again later on

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