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Accepted zeek apply
1. In-game name: zeek - vilko -bob

2. Age: 28

3. Do you have a mic + TS3? Yes and yes

4. Why should we accept you? I can be a good teammate.

I have been playing this game since its release!
I grew up on ET including playing while in high school
and throughout my college years. I am a chill dude that
loves fps games. I think I have a lot to offer and learn about
team work, and what it takes to listen to commands.

I have made some mistakes concerning this video game,
I wish I could erase it, but I can't. All I can do is offer up
to move on in a good direction, its been years of punishment
from the community and I want to be re-issued as a solid
trust worthy player.

I wish you all to consider me some 1 they can count on and
I know this will be a much longer process but overall I will
give my 100 towards this goal.

And one of the other reasons for my apply has to do
with clan "Controlled Gaming". That disbanded, the team
quit and myself and .ecstasy was left without a team.

If I still have not proved myself to you guys then I will
understand and I will quit asking for membership.

I ask of NSA to give me a chance you won't regret it. -bob-
yes from me
I'll give it my F1
I'll say yes for now
[Image: raw]

yes for now
Motherfucking McNulty!
[Image: giphy.gif]

oh no, its the cops!

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