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So who's dick do you have to suck to play on NsA servers lol. That kid jonjon is a tool. Do i need to like apply here to be allowed on the server. So you don't think i'm a "cheating fag" like jonjon said. Lol i'll stick to the euro servers since you guys are bad anyways
[Image: 4132446-2608613248-tumbl.gif]
Must be your dick lol
i mean, if you want to i wont stop you.

So was there an issue on the server earlier or what?
just little kids being kids (well what it seemed like to be little kids) how do you play on the sever without being kicked for not being a regular? How do i become a regular on a server that is locked lol
be active on our ts
collins get on our TS first and foremost, as we do not normally allow people to play without first being on ts. It's also nice if we get to know you a bit
I asked if there was TS. That kid jonjon said no.. I might join the TS one day but for now i'm probably not going to get a warm welcome lol. Its not like i went on the server to troll or just be a dick. Was getting kicked before i could even say anything. But thanks for the input.
collins I typed out the TS for you bud, you just didn't see it...jonjon was just fuckin with you and the kicking ordeal....that was stupid idk why they were kicking ppl but that will get sorted. we play almost every day so if you wanna play, hop on TS and we'll get you rolling
Alright man thanks, didnt have time to see the TS because i was getting kicked lol. I'd love to start playing there. Sucks being the american on the europe servers

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