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Declined vilko application
1. In-game name: vilko -bob

2. Age: 28

3. Do you have a mic + TS3? Yes and yes

4. Why should we accept you?

Hi, folks

I have been playing this game pretty much since I was a kid, I grew up on it, and , I am a chill dude that loves fps games. I want to find a community to game with, and since ET is really inactive and this team still plays, I would like to be apart of the community. Now with this said I have a few other quick comments.

I have made some mistakes, that everyone knows about, and I admit that I was wrong for doing it. I have learned from it and I think I should be considered to join, Its been a long tough road earning my way back and I will not allow for mistakes again.

I wish you all to consider me as a friend here. And one of the other reasons for my apply also has to do with the recent clan "Controlled Gaming". The leader from this clan has left for the final time, and now the clan is fully inactive, I am clanless and left without a community to game with.

I know most of you guys here, and I wish you to give me a chance and if not then I will understand.

thanks for reading..
Its a no from me at this time
At the moment, it's a no from me.

We've had our share of problems in the past, but I'm not against second chances and could overlook some of that. However, I haven't even seen you around enough to see if you're even worthy of a second chance.

Here's how you'll change my vote: play with us more often. 3 or 4 times a week, even. Prove that you're not bringing drama and that you can get along with everyone and be normal. Assuming this application won't go through (as 2 of the founders have already voted no), reapply in a month or two or three, or whenever you feel like you've proved enough to us.
I agree with Foreigner. I have np with you tbh. Just do as Toad suggested and chill for a while. I mean We have people that play daily who we haven't invited. Come hang around and be cool(no drama) and I'm sure it won't be a problem.
Well my vote wont sway anything. Like they said, hang around a bit more and re apply in a month or two

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