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Just want to play some maps
Hey guyz, I just reinstall E.T for having fun again...
Well I have to told you, I'm a kind of "french Canadian", I'm from Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, so more french than Canadian but it's close to NewfoundlanD soo.(If you want to know just look on google Big Grin), I'm 25 and that's it.

I saw on "" that you were playing on a server but with a password, so, my question is simple, May I have the password in the idea of joining you on the game and have fun.

I'm not sure it's all clear... let me know if I have to explain it clearly.

Have a good one ! Cool

Welcome to the forums. All of our server information is in the etpro channel description on our teamspeak server( Jump on sometime and say hi and we will try to include you in our pugs.
Alright ! thx for infos, wanna join you on ts soon. See you there

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