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bAnga's Apply - bOnga - 11-16-2017

1. In-game name: bAnga.

2. Age: 26

3. Why should we accept you?

I just want to join NSA and really do I have to type the names of the people dat I like of NSA?
I Heart Nodamgood I like toad Sem & Dynasty & Peachess and etc bladiebla.
And I hate Ipod and I just want to annoy him nothing further to say here. AMEN.

RE: bAnga's Apply - .ecstasy. - 11-20-2017

amen my man banga Big Grin i approve

RE: bAnga's Apply - ToadvinE - 11-26-2017

+1 got my vote, if you are trolling then solid job bro.