Server Rules
1. Cheating is not allowed under any circumstances. Cheating will result in a PERMANENT ban.

2. Attempting to kick a player who is not in violation of servers rules will lead to the offending player being kicked, and potentially banned if the abuse continues.

3. Excessive abusive behavior will not be tolerated. Any player found to be abusing another player or admin in-game will receive a warning, followed by a more-severe punishment if the abuse continues. This can include excessive shit talk, name stealing (especially of an admin or the NSA tags), "v55ing" excessively, or any behavior which would be expected to offend the average player.

4. Spamming of voice chats is not allowed and will result in a mute.

5. All players must be on the NSA Teamspeak during NSA pugs. Not connecting to the NSA Teamspeak server may result in not being allowed to play.

6. Teams shall not be speclocked at any point during an NSA pug.

7. Players must wait until the map is over to join a game, unless all current participants agree.

8. Players must play the entirety of a round unless an exceptional circumstance occurs. Habitually leaving during the middle of a game may result in denial of future participation at the will of participants and admins.

9. Advertising of other servers is not allowed and may result in a ban.

NSA also reserves the right to ignore or overrule any of the above rules in an attempt to make the server as fair and enjoyable as possible. Instances of ignoring or overruling do not set a precedent for other similar circumstances.